Twitter Tips for Small Business - SkEye Studios

Provide Content – Don’t sell, give.

You want to give your users content, not just sell them. Don’t be the one who stands in the corner and yells DISCOUNT! Find out what your target customer is interested in and supply your expertise by creating content tailored to them. Use an 8:2 ratio for content. 8 tweets out of 10 will be content. 2 tweets out of 10 will be selling. Think of it like a jab-jab-hook. Jab with the content, and make them trust/rely/like you and then hook them with a knockout sales punch at the end. Don’t just think what they can do for you, think about what you can do for them.

Get Personal – Deep > Wide

Get to know your customers and reach out to them. Use that reply button! Share content with your own feedback. Customers will respond to brands that reach out to them and show that they care. Don’t sell them in this interaction, meet them and find out more about them. And on your own end, use Twitter to show you’re following a side of your business they haven’t seen. Tell them what’s going on behind-the-scenes or what trouble the office dog got into. Don’t be afraid to engage on a personal level.

Engage Users Visually – Twitter isn’t only text-based.

Think visual! Research consistently shows that tweets with pictures and other visuals get absurdly more engagement than text-based alone. It can be as simple as loading up a picture of the sky if you’re giving a motivational quote or recording ten seconds of the next networking event you’re at and uploading it. Make sure you keep visuals consistent with your brand, and not pictures you don’t have the rights to. 140 characters aside, the right visual can speak volumes!

Recycle Content – Share shamelessly.

Twitter is all about sharing. There is so much content on twitter that it can be overwhelming. Don’t feel like you have to make all the content yourself. Make the retweet button your best friend. Follow influencers in your field and share that knowledge with others. Even share your own stuff over again at different times and different days. Twitter has so much going on, tweeting already used content is a good practice. Make the retweet button your best friend. Share, share, share.

Find Your Following – Seek out potential customers.

Experiment with Twitter search & hashtags to find followers. Research commonly used hashtags in your field and not only use them in your tweets, but use them to find followers who are interested in what you are. Follow the good ones, comment, retweet and try to build a relationship. Look at your competitors and see who follows them. Click on every Twitter button you see on a business page. Get creative in finding who you can connect with on Twitter.

Make it Enjoyable! – If you’re going to do it every day, make it fun!

Have fun! Nobody is going to do something consistently if they enjoy it. Make twitter a fun place by following people you’re interested in and building real relationships. Figure out what you most enjoy about your business and share it. Chances are your customer base will respond to that. Don’t be afraid to loosen up!