Kirsten Rotz - SkEye Studios

director of operations


the organizer

sweep, sort, & standardize

order in chaos

Kirsten keeps the chaos of SkEye together with competent and pink-adorned nail polished hands. Born to lead, Kirsten has managed such eclectic groupings as college debate teams, Disney World interns, and even an elementary PE class in Honduras. (She did that last one in Spanish. No big deal.) With a love for people and planning, Kirsten pushes SkEye to truly connect with their clients both on a personal and professional level. We’d be lost, and very unorganized, without her.

Favorite hat?

Animal that best describes your personality?

Childhood dream?
Figure Skater

Favorite tech advancement of the last 10 years?
Maps App on my iPhone – I’d be lost without it

Favorite website to browse?

Favorite social media platform?

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Kirsten, in her own words, loves making new best friends! So shoot her an email or give SkEye a call to get on the color-coded calendar.