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Jacob was invented in Silicon Valley, California before being assembled as an adult in the Silicon Forest of Oregon. (Symmetry!) As our in-house visual wizard and the one most commonly behind the lens, Jacob applies his design sense to all of SkEye’s projects.  He’s a master of animation, a conniseur of design software, and an expert cinematographer. If we wheeled out his resume it would show proficiencies with such cameras as Blackmagic Cinema, Canon 5D, Panasonic AF100, and the Playskkool Viewfinder. If we pulled up his dating profile it would show proficiences in planning roadtrips, building burritos, and finding the beauty in all things. Overall, we’d say we’re lucky to have him on the SkEye team.

Favorite hat?
Aluminum Foil

Animal that best describes your personality?

Childhood dream?
Blue Angels pilot

Favorite tech advancement of the last 10 years?

Most visited website?

Favorite social media platform?

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Give Jacob a holler if your business needs a landing page video, new staff photos, or advice on media software. He doesn’t bite, we promise.