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Chris holds just the right amount of inspiration, stubborness, and plain tenacity to hold the crazy start-up world of SkEye together. (He’s also really tall. Like almost freakishly tall. Think somewhere between pro basketball player and ogre.) As a native Oregonian and good old Catholic boy, Chris brings his love of sports, audio books, and popcicles to the SkEye culture. Truth be told, SkEye couldn’t have asked for a better fearless leader.

Favorite hat?
Astronaut Helmet

Animal that best describes your personality?
Peregrine Falcon

Childhood dream?
NBA player

Favorite tech advancement of the last 10 years?

Favorite website to visit?

Favorite social media platform?

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Chris loves to talk. A lot. So shoot him an email or meet up for coffee if you want to learn more about SkEye or millennial marketing.