SkEye Studios: How We Became a Creative Media Marketing Agency

the start-up dream

our story

the skeye story

in a start-up not so far away…

SkEye Studios was created when one brave soul named Chris Kiefer abandoned a lucrative engineering career to do what most told him was impossible: start a video production company. Not to be deterred, Chris left the cubicle and took to the sky. Well, not him so much as his newly acquired drone. His first aerial videography flight? 2013.

Fast forward to 2016 to a successful and growing-every-day digital media start-up with five passionate employees and a sweet office space. Taking his love for video and going into overdrive, Chris fosters an environment that pushes the limits of what high-quality visual marketing can do to build and grow businesses.

our people

oh yeah, we’re rockstars

 Trust us when we say we’ve got a dynamic and creative team of millennial marketing wizards. Our experience ranges from communications to film school to non-profit work in Honduras.  What we have in common is a passion for the best of technology, marketing, and partnering with other awesome businesses. And lucky for us, our eclectic experience melds together in one awesomely effective team. Wanna join in on the fun? We’re always looking for the next rockstar.


Chris Kiefer
chris kiefer



Kirsten Rotz
kirsten rotz
accounts director



Pat Fischer
patrick fischer
creative director



Margaret Anderson
margaret anderson
digital media director



Jacob Spence
jacob spence
visual designer


meet & greet

meet the team

We’d love to meet you and share our passion for digital media with your business. Or just talk movies. We love that too.