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St. Thomas More Capital Campaign

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Behind The Scenes, Projects |

As a creative company, we love working with clients who are excited to incorporate narratives into their messaging.  For the past year, Project LEAD, a task force of individuals in the St. Thomas More Catholic community, have been gathering information and starting plans for a capital campaign that will be initiated this year.  They invited us to help them craft their messages to the community at large through videos.  The historic church and school community in Portland is doing the capital campaign to raise significant funds for major renovations and additions to their school and community center.


Before initiating the big “ask” for donations, we wanted to help Project LEAD remind their community members what makes them all unique–remind them why some of the longest-standing families and individuals have remained active members of the community.  We designed a narrative video that told the story of St. Thomas More using a comparison and contrast of the past and present.  


We gathered photos from families and individuals who have been active in the St. Thomas More community for generations.  The video transforms these old polaroids and washed out photos into active, living memories.  Parishioners and parents who raised their children at St. Thomas More tell their own stories–bringing about the realization that their school and church community is and always has been one of the most central ties to their respective life-forming relationships and experiences.

The St. Thomas More “Honoring our past, building our future” video will be out later this spring!