SkEye Takes Up Office Space in Hillsboro - SkEye Studios

In August, we moved into our new office space in Hillsboro, Oregon.  As much as we’ve loved editing at Chris’ dining room table, we think that this will be a space where our creative juices can flow a bit more freely.  Not only that, we like the idea of being able to have clients over for brainstorming and whiteboard sessions!

Just like any house, this new space didn’t feel like “home” until we had a chance to make it ours.  In order to do that, we asked the creative and talented Liz Kiefer to design an inspiring concept that would come to cultivate collaboration and genius in our office.  We hired iTech Painting, also based out of Hillsboro, to carry out this difficult task, and man did they deliver!

I would try to explain our new home, but it is so much easier to show it to you. One of our favorite new features is the nearly 50 feet of whiteboard-wall that we use for storyboarding, concept design, to-do lists, doodles, and motivational quotes.

Stay tuned…we’re currently editing an “MTV: Cribs” -style video to show you around the space.  We’ll be posting it after the new year!

Of the space, the front third is office-style.  The back two-thirds is the “editing suite” and studio.  We now have the space and capabilities to create full-scale sets as they’re needed.

Moving to such a great office space is a major point of growth for us.  Not only physically, but mentally.  On the road to creating a successful small business, it’s as though we’ve merged onto a bigger highway, maybe even an interstate.  Sure, there will probably be a few mountain passes to go through, and probably lots of dicey weather, but it’s nice to be on the open road.