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why millennial marketing?

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There’s a huge and exciting digital world out there just popping with possibilities for your business to connect with the biggest spending generation in history: millennials.  You know, that elusive 20ish demographic out there who are expecting fresh, engaging, and authentic content to be delivered right to their glued-to-the-hand smartphone.  Sound intimidating? That’s where we come in.  Being millennials ourselves, we know the market and know how to get your brand to truly resonate.

Still need convincing that the millennial market is worth your business’ investment?  Check out some of these stats:

Millennial Age

millennial age

Millennials are those lucky peeps born between 1977 and 2000. That’s a HUGE demographic, over 25% of the population!

Millennial Cash

cash money

Millennials make up 21% of consumer discretionary purchases. That’s over a TRILLION dollars in direct buying power.

Millennials leading the pack

leading the pack

Over 50% of millennials talk to their mom every day, heavily influencing the older generation’s purchasing decisions.

SkEye Studios Millennial Family

keep it in the family

Millennials are beginning their families and setting family purchasing decisions. 1 in 4 millennial are already parents.


user generated content

Millennials will advertise for you.  70% feel a responsibility to share feedback online after a good or bad buying experience.

Millennial-group hug

leading the pack

64% of millennials are more brand-loyal than their parents, willing to pay and support companies who have their same values.




millennial truths

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Millennials can be a confusing hipster-y demographic to understand. Lucky for you, we know the truths that can help unlock the mystery. Click the link below to learn more about our marketing millennial truths.

what our clients are saying

“unique blend of talent”

-Christy Trotter, REALTOR

“the whole package”

-Matt Rouse, Hook SEO

“professional, creative, passionate, funny”

-Tana Ross, Oregon Association of Student Councils

the big, bold process

step up to the white board

Our number one job is to make sure that your business reaches its highest potential.  And in our experience, there isn’t just one tried and true approach that fits each unique business. In fact, we pride ourselves on building flexible and reactive campaigns that fit each business’ special goals.  We really take the time to get to know our clients: their aspirations, values, personalities, hopes, dreams, shoe size, favorite dessert, mother’s maiden name…you get the idea.

What does remain consistent is our unfailing dedication to providing the best service. Oh, and also our white board sessions.  We love them so much we painted wall-to-wall whiteboards in our office. That’s where we always start, offering anyone a free whiteboard brainstorm session where we’ll sit down and go over how SkEye can help you reach your goals.


You know that seed logo we have plastered on our front door? Well, to us its more than a well-created vector. We use it as inspiration to treat all our projects & campaigns like well-nurtured seeds.  We plant our beloved projects and tend to them with all the creativity and passion we can muster until they blossom.  We like to say that you plant the idea, we bring it to life. (We even made a short film about it.  Watch it HERE.)

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Yearning for a white board brainstorm? We’d be SO excited to sit down with you for a free consultation to see how SkEye can best help your business succeed.