SkEye Studios: Aerial Videography Gives Your Business the Edge

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SkEye Studios uses the latest technology in all of their work. Recently they used a drone to capture a different angle in one of the videos we worked on together. I feel that by working with a company on the cutting edge, it communicates to my clients that I also stay current on all of my industry and can be the best professional to help them!

– Christy Trotter, Realtor

aerial videography

view from above

SkEye Studios was founded on Chris’ aerial videography and his ability to capture stunning shots from above ground. Flying a camera isn’t for the faint of heart.  Our pilots rise above the clouds to find the right perspective on your project.

 SkEye Studios remains at the top of drone technology with the DJI Phantom 4–an impresive machine that records in 4K, has an increased flight time of 28 minutes, and a range of 5 km. And if you don’t like the tech speech, all that means is the footage is pretty epic.  

 Trust us when we say, aerial shots give you the extra edge over your competition. You’ll leave your viewers in awe and wishing they could soar as high as your video will take you.


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